I just broke Delphi Forums with a less-than sign

I posted my very exciting finding on the Tough Pigs fan forum, which is hosted by Delphi, with the subject

The Muppets > Toots Thieleman < Billy Joel

and it broke the entire forum.

I spent twenty minutes trying to figure out if it my browser’s script, ad, or tracker blockers were to blame. Then I tried deleting all the site’s cookies, thinking a search might have been stuck.

But no. It thinks the less-than sign is the beginning of an html tag, and the entire forum is down. That’s a little embarrassing for me, but even more so for the programmers/technical management at Delphi. I’m the first person in their thirty year history to use a less-than in a post title?

The mobile site also choked, but only for this post, not the site as a whole. (The forum administrator required assistance from Delphi in order to fix it.)


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