The most important applications I use on Windows, for programming and otherwise

VirtuaWin: Virtual desktops. Will be rendered moot by Windows 10.

Regex Buddy for regular expression analysis and diagnostics. WildEdit for making a single replacement in multiple files.

TCC/LE command prompt. An excellent and free cmd-prompt shell. They also have Take Command for tabbed, multiple shell windows, but it’s a hundred dollar license, and I’ve had significant problems with it.

The free Nettalk IRC client, which, along with Stack Overflow, is my primary source of online programming support.

The most important programs for protecting my identity, data, and online privacy.

  • 1-Password: Easily manage ridiculously-random passwords for every website you visit.
  • PWGen: Generate random passwords in bulk, and choose the best among them.
  • AxCrypt: Encryption for private documents (my secrets documents).
  • Peer Block: Prevent millions of suspect computers from communicating with yours, when doing anything private.

Xplorer2: A great Windows Explorer replacement, although I still use Windows Explorer probably a third of the time. Xplorer2 manages multiple windows in tabs, and multiple “sets” of tabs can be managed as well.

SFTP Net Drive Free and PuTTY are how I shell into my remote Digital Ocean Ubuntu box

Sublime Text 3, which I just started using. PhraseExpress for text completion.

Rapid Environment Editor: Environment variable editor and inspector.

ClickCharts Free flowchart and diagram creator.


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