Three links

Home Depot ignored security warnings for years, employees say

“In 2012, Home Depot hired Ricky Joe Mitchell as its senior IT security architect. Mitchell got the job after being fired from EnerVest Operating in Charelston, South Carolina—and he sabotaged that company’s network in an act of revenge, taking the company offline for 30 days. Mitchell retained his position at Home Depot even after his indictment a year later and remained in charge of Home Deopt’s security until he pled guilty to federal charges in January of 2014.”

iOS 8, thoroughly reviewed

Nice review, and impressive operating system. One day, I’ll have an iOS device newer than my 3.5-year-old third generation iPod Touch.

Browser comparison: How the five leaders stack up in speed, ease of use and more

Convinced me to switch back to Firefox, after two years with Chrome. I thought Firefox was the memory hog, but Chrome is worse. Firefox’s browser seems great, but the bookmark manager is terrible. Freezes badly.


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