My source code from Mike Hibbert’s free Django tutorial on youtube

After going through the official Django tutorial, I did Mike Hibbert’s free youtube tutorial. I highly recommend doing both of these tutorials, and in this order.

Note that I used Python 3.4 and Django 1.7c2 (and learned Python itself, at the same time as learning Django). The Hibbert tutorial uses–I think–Django 1.4 and (I know) Python 2.something. So there were some minor headaches, but nothing to overshadow its usefulness. Although I ended up completely skipping chapter 21, which is on Whoosh and Haystack content searches.

I backed up my source code at pretty much every other chapter. Here it is in a 820kb zip.

I was seriously considering paying for Hibbert’s intermediate and advanced tutorials (which, as of today, are $36 each), but decided instead to create my own demo website.


3 thoughts on “My source code from Mike Hibbert’s free Django tutorial on youtube

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  2. blah

    hey,a fellow Django/python learner here,

    I started out with Codecademy, i did the python tutorial and Jquery one I think… but after that i wasn’t close to being able to write a website at all

    I finally stumbled on an hour long video on YouTube with the name along the name of Nettuts, which made everything clear, finally that lead me to mike and the Django official tutorial

    i just did the same thing as you, but i did half of the Django official tutorial then moved over to mikes tutorial, then back and forth lol

    I’ve written a pretty complex website and now want to add lots of ajax to it, because ajax is flippen absolutely magic! and will cut down all all the server calls.

    I will do your ajax tutorial from now to sharpen my ajax skills, because its all so unclear to me now. I usually do a lot of copy and pasting with ajax from other peoples code. I would really like to be able to write custom ajax Jquery comfortably.

    Okay cool thank you a billion, i will take my leave.


    Mr. ChangleWangle Pobblewobble

    1. aliteralmind Post author

      It was pretty rough for a couple months there, learning both at the same time. I come from backend Java. But Django is impressive.

      JQuery became a lot easier when I realized that the dollar sign in $(...) just a function name.

      I’m glad the tutorial will go to good use. If you have any questions on it, be sure to post them, and I’ll try to help.


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