Monthly Archives: June 2014

My one and only Minecraft roller coaster, with commentary by my seven-year-old (iOS Pocket Edition)

One of the main games played by my seven-year-old on my iPod Touch. If I had a few extra lifetimes, I’d play it too.

They just came out with a new feature: Train tracks. I had to give it a try. Color commentary provided by my seven-year-old.


Google Glass is the devil in disguise


Google Glass gives you constant access to your cellphone while still being able to pretend that you are interacting with the person in front of you.

And that person in front of you is constantly worrying about

  • “Am I being filmed?”
  • “Is my picture being taken?”
  • “Is my voice being recorded?”
  • “Are they browsing the web instead of listening to me?”

Google Glass is the devil in disguise.